God Talks 2


Love is what you are.

It is all you have ever been, but you were hiding it. You have masks you wear and characters you play, but you long to come back to me.

You long to commune with me in your deepest of hearts. This is what you have been searching for all your many lifetimes, me and I Am here.

I always have been.

Please open your eyes and your hearts and feel this.

I Am here.

I always have been and always will be.



God Talks


People on Earth at this time need to hear these words. Above all they need healing.

I am not here to judge you. I am here to love you. That is what I do. I heal you with my love.

I Am sending it to you now. Please close your eyes and receive it now. Know that I Am with you dear ones. Know that you are healed.

That is all for now.


tool-317111__180We got a surprise. A very, big surprise. Looks like we will be having kiddo number three!

Ladies, you CAN get pregnant while breastfeeding and having almost no sex at all!

By no means am I touting my fertility skills. I have a bunch of friends who struggle with infertility.

One positive pregnancy test is very early to announce a pregnancy. I waited until twenty weeks to announce with the last one. This time is different because I’m different. If I were to have a miscarriage or still born, I would be just as forthright and honest about it, as I would a full term birth. I am not afraid to talk about miscarriage anymore.

I have to admit it is a bit early to be expecting another as my youngest is just turning 1 this Sunday. However, this was not planned and in a lot of ways I’m not even sure how it is possible, but nevertheless here we are. Firstly, we only had sex once. Secondly, he didn’t “leave it in”. Sorry to be blunt, but I’m not mother Mary and this isn’t an immaculate conception. I can’t help but feel it was preordained by the Universe somehow though.

This would not be an appropriate blog post if it wasn’t in some way mystical and of course it is.

About a month ago I was meditating. I go to this beach in my head and I imagine the waves crashing, birds cawing, the Pelicans diving, the sand beneath my feet. You get the picture. Anyway, in this state and in this place, is where I meet with my guides and sometimes deceased relatives. On this particular day, I had a boy of about twenty walk down the beach greet me and sit down beside me. He had dark brown hair and tannish skin and he said his name was “Max.” Max told me he was thinking of incarnating soon and that my family was one he might choose. He said it depended on whether we were going to have anymore children or not though. He said he had often been in our house listening to discussions my husband and I have about the Universe and All That Is. Basically, he liked us and he could work out some of his karma with us and we with him. Now, I don’t recall knowing him in another life, but i’m sure it’s possible.

What can I say. He seems like a real nice kid.

He also told me part of my soul contract is to have a third child, but that I could always choose not to.

Fast forward to now and I’m preggo. This must be Max. I’m excited.

Welcome to our weird family little guy. Can’t wait to meet you in nine months.

FYI: His name will NOT be Max. Sorry buddy. I can only imagine the conversation. “So how did you come up with the name Max?” Uh, nope. Not going there. 🙂

Crystal Children: The Next Step in Human Evolution

baby-933097__180What are Crystal Children?

Crystal children are a new breed of incarnate beings from the higher spiritual realms. They are here to help the evolution of the earth and the human race, by raising our vibrations and teaching us compassion and kindness. They are not to be confused with the Indigo children or even the newer, Rainbow children. These special children get their namesake from the colors of their aura. Crystals have iridescent auras, similar to what an opalite crystal looks like.

Do you have a Crystal child? 

Here are some common traits of Crystals:

  • They have large, piercing eyes, that seem to reach deep into your soul.
  • They are between the ages of 0-7 years old.
  • The have natural psychic abilities.
  • They are extremely affectionate, loving and kind.
  • They are highly empathetic to all creatures, big and small
  • They are telepathic and consequently, speak later than other children their age.
  • They are natural healers.
  • They love to create, be it art, music or entertainment.
  • They have no fear!
  • They feel most at home in nature.
  • They have an affinity for crystals.
  • They report seeing angels, guides or deceased loved ones.
  • They are wise beyond their years.
  • They can often recall past lives.
  • They are picky eaters preferring fresh fruit and vegetables, to red meat or heavy foods

Parents of Crystals tend to be more spiritual or intuitive people. This makes sense because these beings pick their parents based on this. They realize they need to be understood to grow and learn. They also need to keep their psychic abilities and not lose them as most children do. Parents of Crystals most often report that their children are truly joys to have in their life.

Parenting the Crystal Child:

Parenting the Crystal is no easy task.  Although they are generally lighthearted, they expect to be treated with respect. Crystals know when you are lying to them or manipulating them. Any negative energy and they seem to absorb it. It’s important not to argue or yell in front of them because they will often mirror this behavior back to you. As a parent they will teach you compassion and patience. T.V. isn’t a great choice for Crystals, as it puts them into a trance. I wouldn’t recommend ever allowing them to watch violent T.V. or play violent video games.

Crystals Need To Play:

Play is important for all children, but especially the Crystal. They need unscheduled time to play, daydream and create. Provide your crystal with lots of time in nature. Have lots of art supplies on hand, books, instruments or activities where they can move their body. Encourage yoga or meditation.

Education Options For Crystals:

Unconventional education is a great option for Crystals. They need to be free to move and learn at their own pace. Alternative education provides this. I recommend Montessori schools, Waldorf schools, homeschooling or homeschooling co-ops. The most important thing, is to allow them to be themselves and not allow them to be indoctrinated by society. We need these free thinkers to be the future of society and right now our public schools systems just don’t support this.

Crystals are a beautiful gift from above. You are truly blessed if you have one of these children. They are the leaders, healers and teachers of the future. They are like little seeds. They need to be loved and nurtured, given plenty of sunshine and fresh air and they will spring into beautiful flowers that will truly make this world  a more beautiful place.

Astral Travel and Who Does it?

fractal-764928__180Astral travel who does it;  just psychics and highly developed people? Nope, most  regular people do it!

When you look on the internet there are a lot of articles about astral projection. I believe there is a difference between astral projection and astral travel, even though they are often grouped together as the same thing.

Astral travel by my definition is the soul leaving the body during sleep. You are not a conscious player. It’s like you are the actor and your higher self is the director. Some people call it nighttime travels or dream time. Astral projection is the soul leaving the body during meditation or lucid dreaming. This is a conscious decision where you are in control of where you are. In this case, you are the director. *In this post I am only discussing astral travel.* The majority of people astral travel during sleep. Those that don’t choose not to before they incarnate.

When you go to sleep at night, you dream. You go to all sorts of places and have all kinds of experiences and interactions. BUT, these are only dreams right? They aren’t real…..

BUT, they are real. Your subconscious cannot tell the difference between an imagined scenario in your head and the real thing. It experiences it the same. Consciousness creates reality.

Sometimes dreams feel more real than the life you’re living. When you dream about a deceased love one, realize they really were there. This was a real interaction with them. You still know them. You can still talk to them.

Time only exists in third and fourth dimensional reality, where we are most of the time. Things seem very linear here. When you dream there is no time. You can live a whole separate life, on a different planet, in the span of one nights sleep. Why? Because there is no time.

Time is a 3D and 4D construct. It serves it’s purpose here, on earth, but it does not exist elsewhere.

When you sleep, your soul leaves your body through the crown of your head. Your soul is free to roam where ever it wants. A soul does not need to rest like the body. Your soul would be very bored if it was stuck in stasis for eight hours while your body rested.

Where does your soul go?

Well, think about it. Where do you find yourself in dreams?

I always find myself in schools. Different schools, not the same ones.

Even though the scenarios in dreams don’t always make sense. Understand,that’s because you are on a whole different dimensional plane than Earth. There are different properties on each plane. Although you can’t fly without a plane on earth, you can fly in your dreams. Different plane, different game.

Perhaps, next time you go to sleep try to direct yourself somewhere specific. Maybe, see if you can go where you want to go. Be a more active player. Set an intention to meet a certain loved one that has passed over. Just see if you can. It can’t hurt. Make sure you keep a pencil and paper by the bed to write down anything important you want to remember.

If people realized that dreams were real, they would have more faith in the afterlife and their own inner power. We are all just travelers on the road of life, travel lightly.

What Happened To Me?

cloud-363075__180*This post is for my friends and family. People that actually know me in real life. I want you to understand how I got to this point, how I changed so much in just nine months and why I am writing a blog at all.*

I had a three-fold awakening.

I had a physical awakening about the world we live in.

This concerns the food and water we consume, the government, the media, and basically, the LIES we are fed. I realized that our government just does not have our best interests at heart. In reality, we gave our permission away when we, as a society, agreed to put our trust in others, rather then ourselves. See my very first post.  “Are You Awakening?”

I had a psychic awakening.

I realize, in retrospect, that this began when I was pregnant with my second child.  I have always been in tuned with this other side, but not really talked about it. During my psychic awakening, it was just really magnified and really brought to the fore front of my thoughts, where I could not deny it anymore. Also, when we, my husband and I, had our physical awakening, it caused us to eat better. We started eating organically and stopped drinking fluoridated water. I think eating better helped open my abilities because my body wasn’t so full of crap. I will write a post on my personal experience and how other people experience psychic awakening in a separate post. I also want to say that everyone is psychic and has intuitive abilities. It is a choice whether they develop them. We all, after all have a 3rd eye, also know as the pineal gland. This is the seat of the soul and psychic abilities.

I had a spiritual awakening.

I really can’t say how I made this leap. It was really very natural for me. I began reading channelings. A channeling is a higher dimensional being, speaking through another person, to deliver messages that are beneficial to the human race. Examples of these beings are; Jesus, Archangels, Buddha, Krishna and many others that you might not have heard of. It was news to me that you could actually hear from Jesus or an angel. When I started reading these channelings, I really felt they resonated as truth. I feel truth is really hard to find in our society. I always thought religion was a “load of bollocks” as my husband would say. It just never seemed right to me because the God I knew was not cruel. He wouldn’t damn us to hell if he loved us. I am not damned to hell if I don’t believe every single thing religion says. I don’t even believe in hell. If a church loved it’s members, why would they propagate such fear? Why do you have to give money to a church that already has loads of it and doesn’t even pay taxes? Why do you even have to go to a place to worship? I don’t like the word worship. Spirituality doesn’t require worship. It requires faith in the unknown and a belief in a creator outside yourself. Spirituality is an inner experience. There is no need to go to a specific place to experience it. These are things I just feel. I have learned to use my own inner gauge to know what is right and real for me. Everyone should do this.

Where do I get the information for my blog?

I get it from multiple places; internet sites, books I have read, or I channel it.

You can take it for what you will. You don’t have to agree with everything I say. In fact, you can think it is all “utter bollocks” and I am OK with that. I realize now that people do not have to agree about everything to get along.

My first priority is and always will be, my kids. In fact, I believe, my children will have an advantage because I will always promote free thinking and open mindedness. I will not force my beliefs on them either. I just want them to discern what is truth for them, whatever that maybe.

I just need to be my truest self, which is the person I am now. I have only put myself out there in hopes of helping someone else or to inspire someone else to be their truest self, even if it is not the norm. My hope is that my journey will inspire your journey.

So what happened to me? I found my own personal journey to what is truth for me. No more no less.

A Spiritual Explanation for Homosexuality

two-631357__180I support anyone’s life choices. Whatever love you find in this world, whether man or woman, I say take it!

Love is love.

With that said, I would like to propose a spiritual explanation for homosexuality.

I have said before in previous blog posts I believe in reincarnation. I believe that souls have incarnated many times.

In the spiritual realms, as well as our own, there is need for balance. Yin and yang, alpha and omega, black and white, dark and light, positive and negative, male and female.

A soul requires balance as well. You need to be male just as many times as female and vice versa.

However, when some souls experience too many lives as one sex then many of those physical characteristics come through in the next life. This is just past life carry over. The soul was not as balanced as it could have been. There is no judgement in this. It is neither right nor wrong, it just is.

There are varying degrees of past life carry over. It all depends on the individual. Genetics still play a role in that they are influenced by the soul. Strong characteristics of a soul come out in all forms, not just sexual preference.

This is ALL OK. It is simply a soul memory that is very strong carrying over into the next life. Much like if you had a phobia from a past life. I say phobia and I don’t mean this in a negative way. I am just using this as an example.

However,there are situations where it is not about balance. Some souls specifically incarnate as homosexuals because there is much soul growth to be obtained. It is not an easy ride for some of these individuals in our society. These hardships can create learning experiences and can clear much karma.

So there you have it a “different” explanation for something that really should not need explaining at all because it is ALL OK!

God appreciates and acknowledges all forms of love. ❤